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I will pay more for your rare coins!


Some new suggestions on how to buy and sell safely!

Year after year I have made it known that investors and collectors like yourself should pay careful attention to NEVER use a broker or dealer for the safekeeping of their precious metals or rare coins.


When You Sell: How To Make Sure You Get The Most For Your Rare Coins!!!

Being paid the highest possible price for your rare coins and precious metals begins and ends with who you deal with. I can confidently say that not only do I pay the highest possible price when I am buying or trading rare coins with both new and existing clients but I also provide all the back up for my buy prices.


We Buy, Sell And Trade Lower Quality Collector's Coins And U.S Currency

Why a stronger numismatic market is gaining steam! I love finest known and legitimately rare pre-1946 U.S. Coins and have made that the focus of my professional numismatic career. Focusing and rarity and quality almost always pays off if you’re an investor. If you’re a collector and have a limited budget don’t fret. This area...


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