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Why a stronger numismatic market is gaining steam!

I love finest known and legitimately rare pre-1946 U.S. Coins and have made that the focus of my professional numismatic career. Focusing and rarity and quality almost always pays off if you’re an investor.

If you’re a collector and have a limited budget don’t fret. This area of the market continues to be very strong. There are hundreds of thousand of collectors of type coins, silver dollars and gold coins. Many looking to complete a collection of many different series.

In recent months I have seen a strong up tick in collector participation and investor involvement in the market. Dealers are paying stronger numbers at coin shows I attend and the number of collectors and investors attending well located conventions. My theory on the firming rare coin market is that its a result of the economic growth that has re-emerged. People invest and collect rare coins when they have disposable cash, lowering personal debt levels and when unemployment levels are declining.

Our firm is now aggressively buying and selling both collector and investor coins. If you’re looking for U.S. Proof Sets, BU Rolls of Silver Dollars through Pennies or circulated better date Silver dollars or type coins to fill your collection please give us a call. We now buy sell and trade everything numismatic. We work on tight spreads and if we have what your looking for chances are we have it and you’ll love our pricing.

We are always buying!

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