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When You Sell: How To Make Sure You Get The Most For Your Rare Coins!!!

Being paid the highest possible price for your rare coins and precious metals begins and ends with who you deal with. I can confidently say that not only do I pay the highest possible price when I am buying or trading rare coins with both new and existing clients but I also provide all the back up for my buy prices.

For example if a coin or group of coins I am being offered by a non dealer I will usually pull up and document how much the coins have recently brought at auction. Auction galleries are no charging 15% to 18% commissions for selling rare coins. It can also take as long as 10 months from the time you consign your coins to the day your paid.

Usually I can pay the same price you would receive net from one of the very top auction companies IMMEDIATELY rather than your waiting months and months to get paid.

I can pay you by wire,check,cashiers check and with a small amount of notice CASH!

Always Deal With A Professional Rare Coin Dealer: Please Steer Clear of ”Gold Buying Stores, Pawn Shops and Hotel Buyers”!

I’ve been buying and selling rare coins for almost 4 decades. I bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in that time. I have no problem working close because I do genuine volume. Most of those companies and stores advertising in your local paper are literally paying 10 to 20 Cents on the dollar when you sell them your rare coins. There are three reasons why the pay so little...

Reason For Paying You So Little #1: They get away with it all the time. People aren’t patient they don’t do their home work. Most people focus on getting the cash or check in their hand and not making sure their getting paid fairly. This is costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It allows these companies to make 500% on their money.

Reason For Paying You So Little #2: They have to hold what they buy over the counter at a gold buying store, pawn broker or hotel buying trip 30 days in order to meet most police department regulations around the country. They never know when their buying stolen goods or goods being alleged as stolen. If you’re like most people your selling property that belongs to you. We always get a copy of your drivers license and other identification very discreetly and privately so we don’t run the risk of buying stolen goods. This allows us to pay 75% to 85% of the legitimate wholesale value of the rare coins we buy from individuals.

Bottom line: we’re careful so we can pay you the full amount.

Reason For Paying You So Little #3: Lack of patience! Most people decide they have to get it over with as soon as possible. That’s a silly approach to such an important project. Yes, I may not be living in your area or state but I am literally just moments away via my cell phone 561-702-7076. I can have packages picked up and delivered by Brinks, Federal Express and if the deal is big enough I will even come to see you personally to make you an offer. Over the years I have traveled literally millions of miles to meet clients to buy and sell rare coins.

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